I think my wife and I are super restless. We want our debt to disappear yesterday and we want to just be able to travel. Of course this wouldn’t ever really be possible with our dogs and with that whole having to work thing.

But being where we are now has proven to leave us bored and less than fulfilled. I am not sure where we will go after this year in our new place. We have always made excuses or reasons that we needed to stay where we are now. Our parents are here, we cannot afford it, me not driving, etc etc etc.

We live life like we have a million years. And of course like many I look back and think what the hell was I doing with my life in my twenties? Did I really do anything important or purposeful?

I have friends who have devoted their lives to ministries in other countries. I have friends who are firefighters, police officers, counselors, doctors, and are OBVIOUSLY contributing to society. So how does one contribute? How does one make something purposeful out of their life?

I am only 33 years old, I know I have many years to come. So I guess that is why I am spending as much time as I can writing, creating, vlogging, and doing the things that make me very happy. I really just wish that I could make a full living from just that alone. I am lucky that my wife is willing to work and let me not work. I am blessed for that.

I will continue to learn about my passions and what works for me. While making sure to nuture my wife’s needs and wants. I am still hopeful for the journey this year will provide!





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