Whoooo goes there?

We’ve finally moved. Officially in the new apartment and loving it so far. Still quite a bit on unpacking to do or more so organizing. I have no complaints about the new place except for two things.

  1. It is the country, so it is VERY dark at night.
  2. We have barn owls nesting right above our bedroom.

Now let me just tell you a few things about barn owls. I am no expert but they are creepy as hell. They are mostly white in their face and bodies. And of course a tawny color. The white face against a pitch black sky is very scary. We did have someone come check them out and there are babies up there too. Because the barn owls are protected by the state, we cannot “kick” them out. So they will be there most likely through February and part of March. The problem is that when I step outside at night to enjoy my ciggarette, I do not enjoy my ciggarette. Instead I am constantly looking for owls. Owls that fly low, and owls that do not allow me to walk my small dogs. It’s crazy yall.

Also, in other news…I am the only Scentsy consultant in my town now. Which has been a huge blessing so far and hope it continues to be! I have bought myself lots of branding items so i can start really branding wherever I go. I don’t want to be the crazy Scentsy bling lady. But I will brand without the bling and hope people just see the genuine passion I have for what I do! PS..if you wanna shop with me and support my small business that throws some groceries on the table – https://jennmc.scentsy.us

Also, I wish I could afford the upfront cost to sell LulaRoe because oh my god I am obsessed with the leggings! But it’s like $5,000 up front I believe to get your initial inventory!

Anyway, sorry I’ve been absent again. I’ve been focusing on my youtube channel and bullet journaling ❤

Until next time!