Safe space

I am  so excited for this new apartment you guys! It’s in the country so it is a little bit quieter than we are used to. It also has two stories, so it is technically a townhouse. ANYWAY, the upstairs will be where my “office” is. I don’t know why I put the quotations because it really is an office for my Scentsy and various other incomes. It will also be the place I blog and vlog. I have decided to begin using my youtube again and making videos. I used to do it for many many years but then just stopped for whatever reason. 

I am really excited to decorate my space there. I have items now but I feel like I just threw that together and I’d really rather hand pick the items and take my time picking them for that space. I will have my big comfy chair and my desk. But it is a rather small room and I am not sure how much can really go in there. I suppose that is the point of minimalism though, is that we don’t NEED all that stuff!

Hopefully this decor thing doesn’t turn out how it does when I play the Sims. I know, that is stupid.BUT I LOVE the sims and the reason I say that, is because typically I love decorating the houses in the game and then I barely play or use the characters. I just spends hours and hours decorating their little sim houses and then move on to another house. They should make an interior design game that grades you as you go. I am sure someone has something similiar, I shall definitely have to see!

So I am curious for you guys input. Since I will be making vlogs as well, do you think you’d like seeing some of the video here too? Or just keep this to writing?

I don’t have much else going on today – more packing, wife is off work tomorrow and that is about it!




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