Over the years you meet many people. Some people break you, some people teach you, some people stick by you, some people betray you. When I met you, you saw right through me. You didnt even have to weasle your way in. You found all of the broken pieces of me and collected them carefully. You delicately put them all back together in front of you and let the glue dry slowly. You made me a whole person again. It all felt like a blink of the eye to me but when I look back I know that you immediately repaired my soul and my heart to that of someone who had never been hurt.

I was trying for the first time in my life to just be single, enjoy my life, and not let the past get me down anymore. To not let the ghosts and demons from before control my emotions and actions. You whisked in and made me laugh.  You made me smile like no one really ever had before.

In 27 days, 15 hours, 6 minutes, and 57 seconds…I will marry you.

Girl…I will marry the shit out of YOU!

We are not perfect, we laugh, we cry, we get annoyed, but we have never broken each other like those have before us. We hold strong to one another, we get counseling if it’s rough, we communicate and most of all we love unconditionally. We are setting a foundation that I know will last us a life time.


You are my favorite girl in ALL of the land! I am so excited to be your wife.



I have slacked so hardcore. I am here, I am happy. I guess we don’t write as much when we are happy because we are so caught up in the land of happiness that we forget to update and to write.

C and I went through a tough moment. I call it a moment because that is exactly what it was. I have lots to share however. I have recently been diagnosed with diabetes type 2. On more pill to add and a lifestyle change with what I am eating. I am trying to be good about it and lose weight…I log my food and my blood sugars to give myself some perspective.


And the BIGGEST news…C and I have decided on a date and will be married…on facebook live (just our style) on October 22, 2016 at 1:00 p.m. I am beyond thrilled to be hers officially and legally. And I am happy that we are legally allowed to do so.

I have also been thinking so much  about two things: 1) Do I want children? 2) Do I know God? Do I want to know God? Do I believe in God?

That was like four questions, but I am contemplating lots of life lessons and big situations. I know that this is probably due to my age too, but I am looking to find life and live it big! So here’s to the rest of this year…and making a life of it all.