So my wife and I watched a documentary today about Minimalism. We have, in the past, also watched the documentaries about tiny houses as well. Overall it has inspired us so much so, that I think we will use 2017 to begin living more of a minimalist lifestyle. We currently live in a two bedroom two bath apartment, roughly about 800 sq ft. When you really think about it, the space we actually use regularly is probably about 300 sq ft. The idea that we are paying for so much space and use very little of it, saddens me. Why are we paying for this space we never use? When I look  around our apartment I am of course pleased with our decor choices and such. But what is it there for? People rarely come by our place, it is just us and our dogs. I do use our spare room for my Scentsy business organization – but realistically I could easily find another way to do so without needing a whole seperate room.

I believe that finding peace and purpose has eluded me for many years. While I have a wonderful wife, the cutest fur babies and all of the things I think I need – I still find myself searching for purpose. Why do we as human beings NEED these material objects to show our worth and purpose? I have never much cared about social  status. I am not dying inside because I don’t have a michael kors purse. I am peacefully happy being able to be home and read and write. I often sell my unwanted items on trading posts or various apps. I was pricing them high as I could get away with to obtain MORE money to buy MORE things. I have since decided I will sell these items at bargain prices to just get rid of the clutter. I can still add to my savings with the money I make, but no need in being greedy.

Wish us luck! ❤

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