I have slacked so hardcore. I am here, I am happy. I guess we don’t write as much when we are happy because we are so caught up in the land of happiness that we forget to update and to write.

C and I went through a tough moment. I call it a moment because that is exactly what it was. I have lots to share however. I have recently been diagnosed with diabetes type 2. On more pill to add and a lifestyle change with what I am eating. I am trying to be good about it and lose weight…I log my food and my blood sugars to give myself some perspective.


And the BIGGEST news…C and I have decided on a date and will be married…on facebook live (just our style) on October 22, 2016 at 1:00 p.m. I am beyond thrilled to be hers officially and legally. And I am happy that we are legally allowed to do so.

I have also been thinking so much  about two things: 1) Do I want children? 2) Do I know God? Do I want to know God? Do I believe in God?

That was like four questions, but I am contemplating lots of life lessons and big situations. I know that this is probably due to my age too, but I am looking to find life and live it big! So here’s to the rest of this year…and making a life of it all.



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