Wife. Of the House Persuasion

I’m a housewife ya’ll. No… like legit a housewife.

My boss was horrendous. She was surely bi-polar. And she treated people like shit and assumed that we would all be okay with her half-hearted apologies after a week of hell. I’m sure someone, somewhere wants to put up with that for the sake of a job. I do not. I quit November 28th, 2016 at 10:19 a.m. I gained SO much experience and in a law setting at that. In an office, in life lessons…in ALL of that. BUT, I am 33 years old and I have learned that if it is possible I do not have to deal with it for the sake of money. I have my Scentsy business and I do pretty damn well, although $400.00 in commission a month doesn’t cover the $1,600.00 a month I made at the office. SO, I will find something other than Scentsy to supplement my income. But I am SO happy.

After the month or two of hard times that C and I had..I really thought there is no way I can just skip out on work. So we got smart, we talked about it, we made a budget, we sacrificed what we didn’t need and here I am…quitting my mother fuc*in job.

I have so MANY ideas, so many things I want to do and I have no clue at all where to start. But I know that whatever I put my mind to I can totally do. I am going through ideas of writing so much more and posting you tube videos like I used to. Or do I fully commit and become a Scentsy monster. I mean holy shit guys, I have SO much time to explore my passions. To find out what I love and am really good at. My boss – haha previous boss- made us all believe that you’d be nothing if you didn’t have a highschool diploma or a college degree. Well…go fu*k yourself, I have neither and I have made it so far in my life and have another 30 years to legit figure it out. I am fighting the urge to stay up everynight until 3:00 a.m. though. I have SO much to do ya’ll! I could stay up all night and get up everyday and have so much I want to do.

My only fear is I have diabetes now..did I mention? Yeah, I got fat, happy fat. I need to lose about forty pounds to reverse that, if that is even possible. I have lost fifteen pounds and do not under any circumstances want to gain that back. So that is part of my plan too, is to make sure I walk or do some sort of excercise. I cannot just sit around and become some fat happy housewife. I want to rock the shit out of this housewife thing. I want to keep the house clean, follow my passions, accomplish all my goals, and generally just rock it out. I can do this right? I can make a living while doing what I love and make a life of it.

OH…and I got married right?! October 22nd, 2016. We took our honeymoon through Georgia to see my sisters, then to Nashville, and ended in Memphis. Beale street is ridiculous and SO much fun. YOU CAN WALK UP TO THE BAR ON THE STREET, ORDER YOUR BEER, AND WALK AROUND WITH IT. Did I mention that draft beer gets me REAL drunk…. real easily? I’m gonna drop the anonymity thing and drop a picture here because we had SO much fun and I hope you see it in our faces. Memphis Rules. Till we meet again! I have time YALL! I’ll be posting so much more! ❤ JM14925527_10154749532726996_5190338955082911351_n