Late night thoughts

So it is 2:00 a.m., and I have thoughts about 2017. And I don’t know if it is gramatically correct to put a.m. but I worked in a law office and my boss always got pissed off when I put am versus a.m. ANYWAY.

So every year we all make this huge promise of “I am going to eat better, I am going to be positive, I am going to live life to the fullest.” No. No you’re not. We all know you won’t so until your actions are singing and dancing, you’re not doing shit. I have never been real sure why people made resolutions, or why they  pretended that they would follow through with them. So I am going to make my own REAL resolutions.

I promise to not be as fucked up as I was in 2016. Maybe I will try to seek professional help (when I can afford it) to not be so anxious about leaves rolling by. *Okay maybe I don’t get anxious about that, but sometimes it feels that it is that trivial.

I promise to listen more, react less. *Let’s be honest- I will ALWAYS react, but I promise to TRY to see others perspectives.

I promise to make more friends and to nuture those friendships. *I actually want and need this to happen.

I promise to drink less. *hahahah, just kidding.

I promise to read more, and read outside of my normal genre. *I will actually do this. What genre do you recommend?

I promise to write daily, even if I have plans with my wife – or the new friends I vow to make. There is ALWAYS time to do things you plan for.

I am so sure I have a million more promises and vows. But mostly…I just want to continue to be happy with my wife and our fur babies in 2017. I legit won the lottery with my wife. She is entertaining, loving, loyal, sexy, happy, encouraging, inspiring, honest…Um like everything positive you could ever say about any human being – I am SURE she is that. I got lucky or whatever. And holy jesus, how do I compete?

Okay so anyway, until next time! Seriously, you’d love my wife if you met her. 🙂


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