Soul to the Mate.

I love the veins that run along her hands and the way they glide across my skin. It’s the way her touch leaves me breathless and every time she’s near me I am happy.


I have longed for happiness. I have dreamed a dream of long nights of chats, with laughs and tears. For day dates of champagne and wii, and never quite moving from the couch. I have dreamt of, and found, kisses that mean something and vows that make me a believer.

I’ve discovered long road trips with cd’s we picked out together and taking pictures of everything, as if we’d ever forget. I’ve longed for, and found, someone to hold my hand like they meant it and kisses for no reason.

I wanted, and found, lifetimes of hugs and dancing in the kitchen. Intimacy that is shown by finishing each other’s sentences. Always a song to share with each other. Never forgetting to praise one another. Random moments of breaking out in song, even if we’ve sang it a hundred times today.

I value the love that she gives, the love that is grown, and the love that we find when words don’t quite come. I love supporting her dreams and having tough talks. I love dreaming in bed and being awoken by her making noise in the house. I love hearing her Keurig because it means she’s awake. I love holding her close when she’s had a hard day.

I love that being in love with my best friend has given me such happiness. I love that anything I need to say doesn’t always have to have words. I love her.


She is my happy.


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