Don’t be afraid.

I had to contact my own therapist today to ask advice about a friend. I had recently referred this friend, we will call her Judy, to my therapist. Judy has been very depressed for months now. She has lately been isolating herself and today said some things that were very obviously suicidal. I know she is not in a good place. I had to ask my therapist Quinn what to do. I knew I needed to tell somebody. I didn’t want to embarass my friend, but I did not want her to harm herself either. Judy and I are pretty good friends but she is also very private and I do not know her extremely well.

I knew enough to know she is not very close to her parents but is very close with her niece. Quinn instructed me to get her help asap. I realized that Quinn is friends on facebook with Judy’s niece, so Quinn took the step and contacted the niece. I am going insane not knowing what is going on right now. But I trust that Quinn and the niece have it all handled and will help Judy.

I just want Judy to know she is loved and I want to tell her “Don’t be afraid”. You should know you are loved and people care about your well being. So if you ever ever ever need help, please reach out. I know this time of year is very depressing for many.


So PLEASE reach out if you need help.


Use it if you need it. ❤




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