God, It’s me Jennifer…Are you there?

Okay so I know most children grow up with some form of religion or without religion. I think it is definitely one or the other. I didn’t grow up with a super strong form of religion in my life. My wife however did and even went to a baptist college – where she “found” her gay side hahah. Anyway, I have found that now that I am in my thirties I am really questioning the existence of God. Really….trying to FIND God. I know that there are certain moments that things have happened, that I cannot explain. I also know that I believe in spirits, like my friend Brittney who passed away and my grandmother. I know Brittney is a force in my life because since she passed I have seen lady bugs EVERYWHERE. Every new house, every big experience, anytime I feel super sad…there is a lady bug, no matter the season, etc. So what do you think of God? What makes you believe in God? How long have you believed in God? How long have you not believed in God?

I am curious.




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