Mommy dearest

I should start this on a happy happy note. My birthday is Saturday as I mentioned, but today was the last day I work this week since I took off for a short vacation. My boss bought me a cake, which accidentally ended up being a “Frozen” themed cake. My boss, her husband (who I also do work for), my co worker and C and I…all had lunch and they even sang Happy Birthday. This was the best birthday I’ve EVER had at work, no where I’ve ever worked before has celebrated like that with me.

Second note, I wrote C’s mom a really long letter last night. I have been aware for awhile that C’s mom and I have a bit of tension between us. A lot of it is money related, ie: C borrows and depends on her parents alot for some of our bigger purchases. However, I think C’s mom thinks that it is because of me or feels she is supporting me too. But truth is I HATE borrowing money from anyone, especially family. C’s mom is not a bad lady, she does a lot for a lot of people and is a genuinely nice woman. She’s been through a lot health wise and she’s definitely a caretaker in the family.

I think C’s mom doesn’t feel that I am “up to par” f or her daughter. I also think she might possibly still be struggling with the fact that C is gay. Regardless, there have been several incidents that were uncomfortable or where she hurt my feelings or was rude. So I wrote her a letter to explain how I felt, etc. I sent it last night, she responded and basically let me know she read it and she would reply when she wasn’t so tired. It is now the next day at 7:00 pm and I have heard nothing from her. So whatev I guess, if she never gets back to me then I know I was right and where I stand.

Tomorrow is my first therapy appointment, I will let yall know how that goes! And will update if I hear from C’s mom.

Until next time…


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