33 yall.

I’ll be 33 years old on Saturday, not a real “thrilling” age. It’s not a landmark birthday or anything special but it’s definitely one more year older. I’m ready for time to slow down a little bit so I can live as much life as possible and achieve some things.

I have my first therapy session on the 17th, my first solo appointment. I’m nervous but ready and want to see what this is all about and if it will truly help me work through some things. C & I have been really good since our group session, we seem to be communicating a little better for sure. I work one more day this week and then have the rest of the week off until Monday. Originally we had planned to go to OKC, however due to C’s work we can’t go this weekend. Next weekend we will go though and have some fun. I had thought of possibly making a trip to the metro plex and visit our friends there but very few could make it out if we did. Seemed to be a little bit of effort and money to make a two hour drive to just hang out with 3-4 people.

I have failed majorly in blogging everyday but work has been SUPER busy. Lots of trials, depositions and general work to do. I get there and have to run around crazy most every day the last few weeks. BUT, I am excited for my promotion and this vacation too!

I hope everyone has been well and I will try my best to get in another blog tomorrow.

Until next time…



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