No more running

C & I got up at 6:00am this morning to go help out with a run my boss’ husband organized. It was a 5k, 12k or Half Marathon and it was pretty fun. We didn’t actually run it, just set up the turn around point that was hosted at my office. C also dressed up as the easter bunny so that was pretty entertaining. We spent all day together, which was super nice. At 12:30 we went for a couple’s session with the therapist she has been seeing. I really like her, she seemed really chill and seemed to really get us. I set up an appointment to see her on my own. We decided between the three of us that we would do separate sessions and once a month we would all have a session to gather our thoughts and work on anything C & I need to together. We will call the therapist Quinn. Quinn seemed to really pay attention to both of us separately and together, so I am ready to stop running.

By running I mean life, I’ve run from life for so long. I am ready to stop running and to make some sort of progress towards actually living life vs running from it. The friend situation doesn’t seem much better. I did actually reach out to one of my “friends” here in little town, USA. I didn’t feel better after doing so and felt kind of pushed off. So I guess maybe she isn’t really my friend. I know I’ve got a lot of inner work to figure out. I know that I need to answer a lot of questions and really be willing to put in the work. Quinn has agreed to see me on Saturdays due to my work schedule.

On another note we are hiring a receptionist to take over that portion of what I do at work. With my promotion we will need someone to handle the little things I do up front. I have posted and started accepting resumes and the resumes we are getting crack me up. I mean if you’re going to apply for a receptionist position you really should spell check your resume. You should also make sure that your schedule with school, etc. leaves you available to work the shift that is needed for the job you apply for. I am being picky because I don’t want us to go through ten receptionists before we find the right one. Boss lady can be a bit much to work for sometimes, so I need to for sure find someone who has thick skin and works/learns fast.

Anyway I just wanted to make a quick update. I feel so much better after my appointment today with C. I feel much more secure in everything and know I have a partner for life. No one I have ever been with before has ever put effort into our relationship like she is showing now. I am ready to stop running and to start facing things head on. Well, as fast as I can  without overloading the hell out of myself.

Until next time..


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