Hello Hump(ty)

It’s hump day. I also feel a bit reminiscent of Humpty Dumpty as I put all my pieces back together. It has been nicer than I thought walking to and from work everyday so far. Although it’s only happened one day, but still feels a bit liberating to come and go as I please. I am still reeling over a lot of thoughts from C & I’s talk and it’s a bit hard to look at it completely logically and move on from it. I am scared. I am scared of her leaving or things changing. I know that it is not because she actually is, but more my fears from the past than anything. I must be careful to not self sabotage.

On a brighter note, our apartment is coming together quite nicely. I have not posted pictures yet because I really want the finished project to be shown. I feel like we will be happy here, and it’s the perfect amount of space for us two and our fur babies. Our maintenance man came by to do some things for us and complimented our decor. It really made me feel good, especially if a man is noticing. 🙂

The office was super chaotic yesterday. The wall is still exposed to the outside and the whole front wall of the office will have to be replaced. Figures that this happens beginning of week. It in turn misplaced me from my desk to another office that didn’t have the tools I needed to get things done. Plus the phone was ringing off the hook all day and faxes coming in. Hopefully today I can get a little more done. The boss lady and her husband are also hosting a marathon run this weekend. There is a beautiful walking trail behind our office and our office will be a stop off point for runners to use the rest room or grab a drink of water, etc. I agreed to come work around 7:30 am till it was over.

I hope the rest of the week goes smooth and I’ve really got to wrap my brain around not holding on so tightly to conversations or thoughts. I know C & I will work through this just fine, I just need to stop being so afraid and skeptical of everything.

Until next time…


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