The moves

Just a preview. We started our move Friday got most all of the rest of the stuff yesterday, hence my absence. And somehow in the move I guess with all the dust, I ended up with an eye infection. So C is off getting her tattoo finished and I am stuck home unpacking. We also got our big 55 inch TV moved over and when we went to use it realized the bulb was out. We take that as an excuse to buy ourselves a new one, but in the mean time we do have the small tv you see in the video. Once I get everything set up I’ll post some pictures. You never truly really realize how much crap you have until you move. We even went through and threw away quite a bit before moving. This move was the first time that we paid movers to come and move our big items. They are a firefighting moving company, a.k.a. firefighters come and move our stuff. It was the best expense we’ve had, we had to pay $400, but that is with tip. They moved all of our items in an hour and a half. I also got to talk to you C last night about her therapy appointments and us. I really think we got to the bottom of quite a few things. I feel a lot more secure after talking to her. Anyway, back to music and unpacking. Have a great Sunday everyone!!  


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