Who came up with that word? Twofer? Two-fer? Two for One? Well you, my friends, get a two for one blog today! I am staying “in” on lunch at work today. I have plenty to do but wanted to just take a minute, sigh a bit and eat some crackers.

Let me start by saying, I absolutely DO love my job. My boss is bonkers, fun, blunt and it makes her interesting to work for. She also challenges me on so many things. My title is technically Office Assistant, however I do a lot of legal assistant and legal secretary duties. I have my own cases that I manage and take direction from my boss. Mostly I handle MVA cases, which are motor vehicle accidents. But I also deal with divorce cases and child custody cases. The only pet peeve I have really is menial tasks. As in, when I am asked to do something that in the time it takes to ask me to do it, it could of been done. This has been the case all day so far today. So I’m just laughing it off, enjoying the silence at the office of lunch hour and moving along. I’m almost to the end of the week which means new place, a weekend off with C, and lots of decorating. I worked in retail management for about 11-12 years, and while I was really good at it and enjoyed it… Sometimes you just need a change. I knew I wanted to get into an office setting. I am very good at organization and I can knock out tasks very quickly if I know what I am doing. I was brought in by an (ex) friend, with his recommendation, I flew quickly through. I eventually surpassed him in abilities and my boss has rewarded me with raises timely. I work 8:00 am to 5:00 pm which for someone who worked retail for so long this is an epic schedule. Did I mention that is Monday – Thursday and Friday’s I work 8:00 am- 2:00 pm? No weekends, no holidays. It’s a really great schedule, although C works 3:00 pm- 11:00 pm, every other weekend off. Which leaves not a lot of time for us during the week since I am usually asleep by the time she arrives home.

So really…no…I cannot complain about my job, but of course everyone has their moments. This job also gives me so much experience should C and I ever move from this dreadful little town. Although, I don’t think I’d find another attorney that I like as much as I like my boss. Or the chill atmosphere of this small office. We only have three employees total (that includes my boss) so it leaves less room for personality conflicts, etc.

Also, the new apartment we are moving into is literally a minute walk if not less from my job. With me not driving due to my anxiety, C has always had to get up in the mornings to take me to work and I generally find rides home from work. Either from my mom, or various friends, sometimes co workers. But now I will be able to walk to and from work. AND hopefully lose some weight in the process. With C’s rapid weight loss from her bariatric surgery, sometimes you cannot help but feel in competition to try to lose some as well. C has always been bigger than me, and when we first met I was coming off a year of basically not eating a lot, drinking a lot and had lost 45 – 50 lbs in the process. Break up diets are not recommended but I dropped pounds. Of course after a year into our relationship I gained it all back, happy weight is the general term. Either way hopefully in this new place with a gorgeous walking trail behind it, my office being so close and having access to making food at home on my hour lunch breaks…I can shed some weight.


Until next time friends, I better get back to work.


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