Turn Up Tuesday

Have you ever wondered where people get catch phrases from exactly? Like “turn up” or “turnt”?

Anyway, it is officially Tuesday and I got to work a little early this morning. My mom had an appointment for back injections, and being the lovely wonderful person she is my partner is taking her to the appointment and then bringing her home. This isn’t the beginning of the iceberg of the wonderful relationship my mom and partner have. Sometimes it’s easy to think my mom probably totally likes her more than me. This doesn’t cause me any pain, because hell…I like her too! lol.

I am ready for the week to fly by, we move as I said before on Saturday. I am thrilled to put together our new place. My wallet shows the damage in fact, HELLO $182.56 to Hobby Lobby.  Let Hobby Lobby be as anti gay as they like, I still shop the hell out of their store. We will soon be getting a “At Home” store which used to be Garden Ridge, so I’m sure Hobby Lobby will have a little competition. I’ve also run across a sit called “Dot & Bo” and I absolutely LOVE their decor minus the higher prices. I’ve posted links at the bottom with a few other places I love to shop.

I’ve promised myself I will write at least SOMETHING every day, and maybe on the days I don’t really have the time to sit down and write I can just give you some pictures or funny memes. Who knows.

My partner, we will call her “C”, had her HESI exam for nursing school yesterday and passed with an 87! This is very exciting, as it will make getting into the nursing program much easier with a higher score. Of course she always feels she could do better, but she’s a smart cookie so we will take the 87 and run with it.

I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday! Until next time…go shop a few of these awesome links:

Hobby Lobby

Dot & Bo

At Home

Mod Cloth


All Modern




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