Don’t worry Monday, I’ll be your friend.

It’s the first day of the week, which most hate. I don’t really mind Monday’s, seems it’s one of the busier days of the week and I really enjoy staying busy. I suppose working for an attorney’s office will keep most anyone busy but I enjoy running around like a crazy person. Although of course, some days I hate being so busy like any normal person would. I spoke to my partner this morning about making my own blog. She was supportive as I suspected she would be, but I do want to keep my blog to myself for awhile. How many of you keep your blogs personal from friends and family? Is this common?

I feel like in order for me to really write how I truly feel, I need to keep it as my own secret hidden gem for awhile. Gather my thoughts more fluidly and figure out what I want to share and not share. I really have no complaints in my love life and work life is just your normal “sometimes I want to kick my boss” days. (Which I’d never do by the way, shes a little crazy but she’s right up my alley….which is why we get along.) Not to mention, she is a great attorney and I really respect her work.

In other news, my love has her HESI exam today. For those not in the know, that is an exam to get into nursing school. She is already an LVN and has been for a number of years but is now going back to get her full RN. She would love to do trauma or psychiatric. I admire her drive and how smart she is. She’s also recently (in August 2015) had bariatric surgery. She went from 270 lbs to 188 lbs so far, which is very exciting for her and I am happy for her. (I’ll go more in depth about this in other blogs.)

I just spilled hot chocolate all down the front of my cardigan – thank god it’s black.

Anyway, off to work I go. Hoping for a busy monday and this week to fly by. We get to move to our new apartment this weekend which is LITERALLY a minute walk from my work. Have a great week guys!


One thought on “Don’t worry Monday, I’ll be your friend.

  1. I’m having the same thoughts about sharing my blog with my partner. I am keeping it private for now, not sharing it with anyone I actually know. I think it will help me write more openly, and gather my thoughts better as you said. And good luck to your girl on her exam! That’s exciting!


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